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"Thinkers and Sinkers," a disassembling of the minds, myths, and motivations of humanity revealing the three choices we use everyday in creating our life experience. Decode the actions used to manipulate and liberate. Learn why the organic path of society is targeted to be overthrown and what is satisfied by organization.

Constantly, the Thinker and Sinker mindsets seek to attract us, intent on drawing each of us into a sphere of influence. One will free individuals, the other will gather them in and bind them together. Over the course of human history all conflict is due to this tug of war, and humanity is the rope, as well as, the prize. While this is a natural process every individual has the freewill to determine their level of involvement, struggle, and suffering. This choice is engaged through The Power To Love.

In The Power To Love is illustrated the three options in every situation. By selecting one we direct our life path. Witness; attraction, repulsion, and assimilation and how it shapes our lives and how we can become active and thoughtful factors for the expansion and exaltation of our experience. When we choose love we inspire those around us, and the world at large, to a more uplifting condition.

The greatest attribute of humankind is that of reason. How one develops insight on spiritual and philosophical matters is often not achieved through academic channels. Davida Patrick Moore has spent nothing less than decades acting, observing, and reflecting upon questions asked since the dawn of humanity and answers long ignored by our collective and dominate ego.

"Thinkers and Sinkers, Why Are They Trying To Kill You?"
The long awaited book by Davida Patrick Moore is now available in this bundled offering.

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